Great design starts with

White space isn’t simply empty space. It’s a strong foundation to build your business. When used right, it’s a powerful tool that strengthens your message and customer experience.

To have a bigger impact with your business and more freedom in your life, take those design + tech tasks off your todo list and put them onto mine!

How can I help you?

Along with graphic, web + product design I’m an expert in a variety of online applications and platforms, plus productivity + time management.

Yes, I’m a special kind of creative unicorn that enjoys bringing together the creative + logical sides in a way you’ve been looking for.

Sally Hogshead calls me a Secret Weapon, and I look forward to being that for your business.

So let me make that happen for you!

logo design

communicate your values through colour, shape and elements of design

brand identity

create an consistent experience with your business that
people connect with

digital assets

connect with your audience across different social and digital platforms

print material

clearly communicate your products and services to customers


create a home base that shares your message and inspires people to action

program portal

design an experience that makes it easier for customers to get results

tech set up

connect tech across platforms for a seamless experience

digital products

create resources that makes it easier for customers to take action and get results

business strategy

create a plan to grow your business and have a
bigger impact

Innovative Ideas
and Creative solutions

Projects completed

Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups of Coffee

These are the coffees my clients enjoy while I get to work 😉 updated : 12-01-24

Logo design, websites, product packaging + your online tech solutions.
These are a few samples of what I can do for you.

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